An Insight Into the Two Things That Make Geeks Tick

It is often hard for ‘normal’ people to understand geeks. For instance, ‘normal people’ struggle to understand how geeks can opt to forego the pleasures associated with social contact, in favor of geeky enterprises such as coding. It gets even more complicated, when the geeks go as far as neglecting their appearances, and neglecting other things which are considered to be important, in favor of geeky enterprises. But geeks’ behaviors starts to make sense once you gain insight into the two major things that make geeks tick.


The first thing that makes geeks tick, and which geeks draw a lot of satisfaction from, is (simply) understanding how things work. This is why you may find a geeky kid going as far as accessing the source code pages for complex financial web pages, such as, just to understand how they work. Actually, some geeky kids are known to go to sites like Github (and other sites where open source code is posted), just to understand how things work, at a technical level. Others are known to dismantle electronics in their homes, and all sorts of other machines, just to understand how those work. The way their brains are wired is such that they get a lot of satisfaction from just knowing how things work – which can be strange for ‘normal’ people.

The second thing that makes geeks tick, and from which geeks draw a lot of satisfaction, is actually making things work. The whole thing is a continuum: where geeks get quite a bit of pleasure from understanding how things work, and even more pleasure from making things work. Often, it may take a course in psychiatry at a good medical school such as the John Hopkins University to understand the neurological underpinnings for these unique motivations in geeks.